February (2015) Meeting


Our February meeting will be at MCDP Headquarters

February 12,  2013 – 7:00 p.m.

MCDP Headquarters, 2914 N Central Ave Phoenix, AZ 85012

Our February meeting will feature representatives of the “Re-Elect” Mayor Stanton Campaign.  But why come for just the meeting when you can come early for more excitement!

Join Jordan Hibbs and others from HRC as we call on behalf of Glendale’s Non Discrimination Ordinance.  Everything will be provided to you, including refreshments!

We will also take some time to review the month with a Legislative report and will get feedback from the Previous day’s BeAZ Event at the Marijuana Grow house.

So Remember, Come Early, stay late!

January Meeting Postposted

Obama 2.18.09To allow for those who wish to and are able to see the President speak this Thursday night, we will be moving out regularly scheduled meeting back one week.

The new date for the January meeting will be on Thursday night, January 15, 2015.

The meeting will still be at MCDP HQ and will begin at 7:00pm

Watch your email for additional information.



Every two years the Districts, County and State must reorganize.  On Monday November 17th District 24 Democrats will hold our Biennial Reorganization at the Phoenix Pride LGBT Community Center.  The Center is located 801 N 2nd Ave, Phoenix, AZ  85003. The meeting will begin promptly at 7:00pm

This meeting is open to ANYONE, however, voting and nominations to an Executive Board or State Committee position are restricted to NEWLY ELECTED Precinct Committeepersons. Anyone wishing to confirm their elected status is able to refer to the Maricopa County Recorders website for a list of ALL elected PCs.

The Election will be Chaired by, Former Chair John Beaulieu, and will be monitored by a representative from the County Executive Board.

Elections will be Held for the following mandatory Offices
1st Vice-Chair
2nd Vice Chair

At the conclusion of the election of the Executive Board, we will elect our new State Committee Members.  The number of State Committee seats is determined by the number of elected PC’s from within a District.  For Every 3 Elected PC’s, the District is eligible for 1 State Committee Member. District 24 had 76 Elected PC’s so we will be electing 25 State Committee Members.

With either election you DO NOT NEED to be present to seek a position, however since nominations need to be accepted by the party seeking the office, a signed letter of intent should be provided to the person nominating you, or should be communicated the elections Chair, John Beaulieu.  Additionally, in either election, Proxies WILL NOT be accepted.

Candidates seeking and Executive Board or State Committee position are welcome to campaign for the position(s), and a list of all Elected PCs, including their phone and email address will be made available to all candidates equally.  To get a copy of the Detailed PC list, please contact the Elections Chair, John Beaulieu.

Contact: John Beaulieu at: johnbdem@gmail.com

October (Final) Meeting

Our final meeting of the 2013-14 political cycle will be back at the Maricopa County Democratic Party Headquarters.

October 9, 2014 – 7:00 p.m.

MCDP, 2914 N Central Ave Phoenix, AZ 85012

The past 2 years have been great.  District 24 Democrats have had a productive 2 years.

Thank to hard work from people like Ray Bradford, our everyone generosity, LD24 Raised more money than ever before. Those donations benefited so many democrats.  From sending activists like Chari Vark to Emerge Training or Michael Martinez to the Young Democrats National Convention.  Our money went to The Arizona Democratic Party as well as to the Maricopa County Democratic Party to help keep the lights on and the phones answered.  It let them employ people like Jo Hafford and Jacqueline Adams, two people who sacrifice so much for the betterment of the Partys.  It lets some PC’s who could not normally afford it go to events like the MCDP’s Circle of Friends, or the AZDP Hall of Fame & Heritage Dinner.  And before the year is out we are going to use the remaining fund to make sure that we are working hard to GOTV, and get SO MANY Great Democrats Elected to office. Fred DuVal, Terry Goddard, Felicia Rotellini, David Garcia, Jim Halway, Sandra Kennedy, Ruben Gallego, Kyrsten Sinema, Katie Hobbs, Lela Alston, and Ken Clark.  All of these candidates along with School board, and Countywide Candidates, with our help are on their way to victory.

Speaking of CD09 Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema, I am excited to announce that the Representative Sinema will be joining our October Meeting. 

Kyrsten will be joining our meeting for a short update on her campaign, along with ways to volunteer, and I’m sure she will take a few moments to take a few questions.  Just remember to bring your cell phones, you never know if there will be time for a “Selfie with Sinema”

Additional special guests will be announced when they are confirmed.

As the Chair, I want to thank everyone who has helped me, the board, and all of LD24.  I have really enjoyed my time.  Building the district into what it is today.  I also look forward to the continued growth of the District with its diversity, participation and forward thinking.  Everyone in District 24 should be proud of what we have become, and where we go from here!

C.J. Carenza, Chair

June 2014 Meeting

Our June meeting will be at The “Rock” this month, and going forward, this will become our regular meeting location.

June 12, 2013 – 7:00 p.m.

The “Rock”, 4219 N 7th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85013

We will feature 2 candidates this month.  Please welcome Ilya lusa, who is running for a seat on the Maricopa Count Community College board, and Mary Rose Wilcox, one of the Candidates to replace Rep. Pastor in the CD 7 race.

We will also be holding an election for recommendation to the State Committee, as we had a State Committee Member move out of Maricopa County.

There will also be a brief presentation from the Bylaw’s sub-committee, with a vote to come at a future meeting.

Please NOTE, this will be a fast meeting, as there is a show at 9:00in the same room we will be using, so the meeting will start right on time, and proceed efficiently.


It’s not to late to become a PC

You missed the May 28th filing date.  That’s ok, you still have one last chance to become an elected PC for the 2015-16 Political cycle, and its easier that you might think.

First Click on THIS LINK: Master PC Nomination Form (Write-In) (Fillable).  You Must use this form.  It is specific to the “Write-in” PC process.

Second.  Fill out the form completely, then print it out.  The form is fillable in .pdf, just make sure to fill out every blank.

Third.  Have the form Notarized

Lastly. File the form.  You can file yourself at
Maricopa County Elections Dept.
ATTN: Kristi/Berta
111 S 3rd Ave
Phoenix AZ 85003

Forms must be filed NO LATER THAN 5:00pm on June 11th.

If you need assistance or have questions contact C.J. Carenza at cjcarenza@gmail.com or John Glenn at johnglennphx@gmail.com

MCDP Tablets for Canvassers

Don’t want to walk in the HOT summer sun, but willing to help out those who do…Purchase a Table for the canvassers.  As a recap, LD 24 purchased 13 VAN Tablets, to match the 13 VAN tablets that were purchased by LD 24 PC’s.  Because of your generosity, we were able to purchase 29 tablets.  For those of you at the meeting who pledged, here is the link to make your donation.  For those of you that were not at the meeting but still want to help you still can.tabletJust click here to be taken to our ActBlue Site, where you will have the option to contribute towards our Tablet Purchase Program.  If you can’t afford a tablet, please consider “Half” of one, or a donation in any amount that we can lump together.

May 2014 Meeting

Our May meeting will be at The “New” MCDP Headquarters (for real this time)

May 8, 2013 – 7:00 p.m.

MCDP Headquarters, 2914 N Central Ave Phoenix, AZ 85012

Come ready to learn about candidates to the May meeting.  In addition to regular house business, we will have the pleasure to welcome 2 of the 3 candidates seeking the office for US Representative for our Congressional District 7.  Former State Representative Ruben Gallego, along with State Senator Steve Gallardo.

We will also take a few moments to review the status of everyone’s PC Nomination paperwork:

 If you have not already printed out your PC Nomination paperwork, remember you can download all the documentation you need from right here on the website.  Look for the PC Docs tab at the top of the page.  If you have your petition & nomination compete, Mary Peralta will be available to Notarize your document at this Meeting.  Completed Forms MUST be turned in to the AZSOS Elections by 5:00pm May 28th.  You may also turn them into MCDP By Tuesday May 27th.